1. typostrate:

    Vive le football libre

    is the elementary sentence for our german nation. We love football/soccer and are proud of our team, especially at the world championship 2014 in brazil. For that reason and for the love of soccer, we found this amazing artwork by french designer Pierre Jeanneau from Paris. Vive le football libre means live the free football game. Sponsored by nike it has to be a perfect commercial. We love the handdrawn typography supporting the feeling of liberty.

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  2. This link felt entirely appropriate for a Tumblr audience.

  3. 30secondstomars:

    A typical record deal is structured something like this.

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  4. The pride these players have is exceptional.


  5. A point, this author makes.


  6. rachelhills:


    I’ve been listening to Lorde a lot over the past few weeks. Probably my favourite thing about her music, lyrically speaking, is the way she writes about growing up on the periphery. The low-fi mundanity of teenage life outside the Hollywood industrial complex. Of riding the train to a…


  7. I support this blog entry wholeheartedly. Also. Follow Chuck’s blog. He’s a wizard with words and paragraph-things, and he’s sure to make you laugh once or twice.



  9. It is a sincere wish that everyone who reads this understands this is what it has come to. These are the times we are living in.


  10. I find myself in alignment with his thoughts and views. Very interesting read.